Gasworks Arts Park & Key Conspirators Present:
Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y
By Grace De Morgan

Be part of the process. Join us at Gasworks Arts Park for rehearsed reads. Exploring new works by local Australian writers. Followed by Q&A.

Wednesday 25th October, 6pm-7pm. Free entry. Gasworks Theatre Foyer.

Four friends from youth group. Four very different faith journeys. One snug log cabin. ‘Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y’ is a new play exploring how teenage faith plays out in adult life and what the logical breaking point of any childhood friendship should be. Best enjoyed with a (large) glass of Shiraz.

Grace De Morgan is a freelance writer and playwright. She has written for ATYP, Bondi Feast, Good News Week, Junkee,, Old Fitz Theatre, Playwriting Australia, Seizure, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Roast. She is currently doing a Hot Desk Fellowship with the Wheeler Centre and is under commission with Penguin Random House.

After the reading: Enjoy a night at the theatre and check out Labels, playing at 7.30pm in the Gasworks Arts Park Studio Theatre.