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Script Nights: Shame on You, Betty Bucknell

  • Gasworks Arts Park 21 Graham Street Albert Park, VIC, 3206 Australia (map)
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Gasworks Arts Park & Key Conspirators Present:

Be part of the process. Join us at Gasworks Arts Park for rehearsed reads. Exploring new works by local Australian writers. Followed by Q&A.

By Gavin Roach

Shame on You, Betty Bucknell introduces audiences to the grand dame of Australian television, Betty Bucknall, the shoot from the hip star of the iconic long running legal series, “I’ll Be The Judge Of That.”
Betty Bucknell has long since vanished from Australia’s screens but with an honorary plaque being erected on her childhood home and the rumours of a comeback circulated in the press, the spotlight of attention is once again shone Betty’s way. And Betty is enjoying every minute of it.

Until a cagey interviewer traps her into giving her opinion on the current scandal swirling around her television home, Channel 6. Under pressure and clearly uncomfortable, Betty tries to hedge the question but the interviewer keeps pushing, causing Betty to lash out. Pissed off and feeling fiercely protective, she delivers a quote that takes her from a national treasure to Australia’s most talked about and despised celebrity.

Betty is unrepentant as her battle weary manager tries to salvage what’s left of Betty’s career while her children take advantage of the moment to urge retirement and finally withdraw from public life. Feeling that everyone is taking advantage of her downfall to push their own agenda, Betty feels that it’s time to make a stand, but can her will of iron stand up to the angry crowd that is gathering right outside her door?

Shame on You, Betty Bucknell is an unashamedly Australian comedy that mines the current issues facing the entertainment industry with frank wit and dark humour and explores themes of family, intergenerational opinion, celebrity obsession and censorship.

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